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New / used:new
Year built:2013
Length:4,30 m (14,1 ft.)
Anchored at:Riga
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English description
Classic Whitehall wooden boat with a perfect driving characteristics, easy to row. Made of high-quality timber, all handmade. Wood is curved according to an old method using vaporization. Treated with high quality wood protecting coating, which protects it from sunbeam and water influence.
Boat is to be rowed by one or two rowers. In total 4 people can enjoy the boat ride. This is practical and handy boat, it is convenient for transportation and easy to be rowed.
Sail and outboard motor can be attached.
Length: 430 cm
Width: 130 cm
Height: 60 cm
Transverse frames: oak-tree
Board planks: pine-tree
Oars: pine-tree
More information: http://www.kokalaivas.lv/en/

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Ask a question about this ad here

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