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Sumerset 65
New / used:Used
Year built:1998
Motorization:2x Mercruiser (220 PS )
Milage:260 h
Length:19,81 m (65,0 ft.)
Width:4,88 m (16,0 ft.)
Draft:0,91 m (3,0 ft.)
Fuel:285 l
Anchored at:Bullhead City,, AZ
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Sumerset 65
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Sumerset 65
English description
HULL DECK AND SUPERSTRUCTURE HULL CONSTRUCTION TYPE: Full Displacement hull with W configuration. MATERIAL: 3/16 Aluminum hull construction. EXTERIOR HULL: All Aluminum reinforced with aluminum stringers and cross-supports. 3/16 Aluminum Hull construction with twin tunnel design. PORTLIGHTS: Two (2) 110 portlight opening stainless steel framed glass located on overhead hard top bow. BULKHEADS: Interior on the bulkheads is light white wash oak panel over wood frame. STRINGERS: Hull stiffness provided by Aluminum longitudinal stringers. Appears serviceable where observed. TRANSOM: Aluminum reinforced Transom BILGE: Deep (below decks) bilge area provides the area for the boat systems and tankage. Bilge condition was clean. MOISTURE CONTENT: Moisture readings taken at various locations on top deck. There was no indication of any water intrusion. The hull appears in good condition. DECK CONSTRUCTION TYPE: The frame is decked with marine plywood. MATERIAL: Plywood COCKPIT: Flybridge full helm and cockpit located on top deck and main helm located in salon. Flybridge is all molded Fiberglass. HULL- TO-DECK JOINT TYPE: Houseboat cabin fitted to the deck plywood over an aluminum frame. FASTENERS: Screw and bolt type, size undetermined. BEDDING COMPOUND: Appeared to be elastomeric compound. REINFORCEMENT: Bulkheads as sighted. DECK FITTINGS STANCHIONS: Forward bow has aluminum stanchions and boarding gates port, starboard, and centerline. Aft deck at stern has aluminum railings port, starboard, and at transom. On the aft deck are boarding gates port, starboard, and centerline. VENTILATION: Ventilation on the starboard is provided by two (2) 24 X 36 and a sliding locking glass door at the starboard helm. On the portside are the following sliding venting windows: forward is one window 36 X 48, second smaller 24 X 36, aft of midship are five venting windows of various sizes to accommodate the staterooms. Located on aft is a sliding glass locking door with access to the aft stateroom. At the bow is another sliding glass door with access to the salon. All measurements are approximations. SCUPPERS: Cockpit and decks drain overboard. CHOCKS AND CLEATS: 10 cleats mounted six (6) port and six (6) starboard aft to bow. WINDLASS/GIPSY: None Sighted. DECK SURFACE: Exterior decks (aft and forward) all covered with indoor/outdoor carpeting Starboard steps to the top deck were covered with indoor/outdoor carpet. GRAB RAIL: Aluminum hand rails along sides of super structure and others at various locations on vessel. Appears adequate. SUPERSTRUCTURE WINDOWS/PORTS/DOORS: Located on the forward bulkhead starboard and port are fixed and venting windows for observation. FITTINGS AND HARDWARE: All fittings and hardware appeared to be serviceable. JOINERY STRESS: Upholstery in the cabin, and all staterooms appear to be in good condition. CANVAS AND SUPPORT STRUCTURE: Vessel owner has installed an aluminum structure to support a hard top fiberglass canopy that measures approximately 16 X 36. The hard top is in excellent condition. SUPERSTRUCTURE HOUSE TO DECK JOINT: Deck house and deck appeared to be thru-bolted. Condition appeared serviceable. BRIDGE DECK MATERIAL: FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) molded flybridge. TYPE: Flying bridge provides helm station and crew seating area. COCKPIT: The forward flybridge cockpit is centerline with full instrumentation with MicroCommander throttle engine controls and a 24 stainless steel wheel. Instrumentation included two each of the following gauges: RPM, oil pressure, voltmeter, water temperature, Sea Star 1.7 Steering, horn button,Lowrance Depth Indicator, Raritan rudder indicator and two (2) key ignitions. Six rocker switches for horn, nav. lights, blower, and three for accessories. Captains chair is a free standing Aluminum Garlerck. SEATS: Bench seats to port and starboard of the flybridge steering station with cushions, Top Deck has various moveable deck furniture- and lounges for guest seating. Located aft of midship is a large oval table with six (6) matching chairs. Located at the island bar are four (4) bar stools. All in good condition. WINDSHIELD: Five piece wrap around wind deflector. SAFETY RAIL SYSTEM: Aluminum rail system around the perimeter of the top deck with canvas curtain inserts. Stair access from the port aft deck and stair access from the starboard forward to the top deck. ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT AND ACCESSORIES GENERAL EQUIPMENT: Aft is a large swim/PWC platform. Located on the aft deck is PWC dispenser for gasoline. Located on the top deck is a large island bar with formica counter top and an undercounter Magic Chef refrigerator. There is a secondary larger Magic Chef refrigerator free standing next to the island bar. On the starboard from the top deck is a slide with 12-volt pump for lake water. FENDERS: Five (5) large fenders- Starboard and Port. DOCK LINES: Four (4) 5/8 20 starboard and port spring lines. CUSTOM EXIT RAMP: The vessel owner has designed and built a Debarkation Ramp that can be used when existing from the bow of the vessel to the beach. It is heavy duty and made of aluminum and has side rails. BAR-B-QUE UNIT: Located on the bow portside is a Stainless steel Ducane Bar-B-Que gas grill. FORWARD DECK FURNISHINGS: Located on the forward bow deck is a round 36 glass table and four matching deck chairs. CABIN APPOINTMENTS INTERIOR DESCRIPTION: JOINERY AND FINISH: The joinery and finish of the interior was above average. CABIN BRIGHT WORK: The cabinetry was in good condition. INTERIOR BULKHEADS: The interior bulkheads were covered with upholsterylwood panel over a wooden stud frame. WATER INTRUSION SIGNS: None Sighted. STORAGE AREAS: The cabinets, lockers, drawers, and shelving were well crafted and finely fit where sighted. HEADLINERS: Headliner material in the cabins and salon were all upholstery. DOORWAYS: Wood pocket doors throughout. FABRIC AND CUSHIONS: The fabric and vinyl material on the furnishings were in good condition. FLOOR AND WINDOW COVERINGS: Floor coverings are carpet in the salon, companionway and berths. The galley sole is wood laid-in. Both heads have vinyl flooring. The windows have pull up cloth blinds with valancies and the sliding glass doors have full drapes with valance. ACCOMMODATIONS: Three (3) staterooms, first stateroom located aft ports ide (owners stateroom) is a Queen size berth, closet with storage, lighting is 12-volt and 110. Second stateroom portside, two steps up is a double berth, venting windows, hanging closet, reading lamps, curtains on windows. Four (4) steps down from the companionway on the portside is a lower stateroom with two double size berths. HEADS: Aft to starboard is owners head with a pocket door, Raritan electric head, a molded corain sink with hlc pressurized water, and venting window. Forward of the owners stateroom and starboard is a second head with a Raritan electric head, molded corain sink with hlc pressurized water, 12-volt and 110 lighting. SHOWERS: There is a stand up shower enclosure in the starboard aft forward head with hand held wand, with glass shower door. Shower drains overboard with 12-volt pump and appears serviceable. There is no shower in the aft starboard head (owners stateroom). FAUCET FIXTURES: The faucet fixtures and sinks were operable in both heads and in the galley. LIGHT FIXTURES: 12 volt cabin lights throughout the vessel were operable. There is a combination of lighting in the salon area consisting of top hat, recessed, and indirect lights. All lights are independently controlled by separate switches. All lights were operational. SALON FURNISHINGS: In the salon is a sofa sleeper to the port, upholstered swivel rocking chair, cocktail table, tall chair for the helm, entertainment center to the starboard and full size oval dinette set with four matching chairs. The interior colors are mauve, blues, and lavender. It should be noted that the exterior color paint on the boat matches the interior. Very tastefully coordinated. Behind the dinette set on the starboard is a built-in buffet unit for storage with stain glass panels as decorative pieces. Ceiling fans are used in the salon area and in the master stateroom. AIR CONDITIONING UNITS: Trane High Efficiency Weathertron with heat pump Model XE1000, Model # TWR036C1 00A3, UL Protected. Capacity is 3 Ton. CABIN HEATING: Heat Pump on the Trane. INTERIOR DESCRIPTION: (Continued) TELEVISIONS: Located starboard in salon is an entertainment center built-in with a Philips flat screen 32 with Dish TV network, and a Toshiba 15 in the lower berth. There is a JVC VHS-DVD. STEREO, ETC.: Entertainment cabinet is a JVC stereo AM/FM CD with speakers in cockpit and in the cabin. GALLEY LOCATION: Port midship. SINKS: Double stainless steel sink with pressured H/C water with formica counter top. This is a corner double sink that forms part of the breakfast counter. REFRIGERATION: Full size Whirlpool two door refrigerator/freezer. STOVE/OVEN: Whirlpool Stove/oven combination with four (4) burners. HEAT PROTECTION (INSULA TlON): Four Electric burners. No covers. MICROWAVE: Whirlpool Microwave over the electric range. ACCESSORIES: All cabinetry is a light oak white wash panel and in good condition. There is a GFI located in galley. Additional items sighted in galley is a Whirlpool trash Compactor, Black & Decker Coffee Maker, Sunbeam Toaster Oven, Magic Chef Wine Cooler under the counter and a U-Line ice maker built into the buffet unit starboard. PROPULSION MAIN ENGINES TYPE: Two (2) four cycle V-8 gasoline naturally aspirated engines. MANUFACTURER: MerCruisers 5.0 L 305 CID Thunderbolt 5 Ignition System SERIAL NUMBERS: Port OL318582 Starboard OL318584 LABELS AND NOTICES: The engines were in good condition and required lables appeared to be in place. HORSE POWER: 220 HP NUMBER OF CYLINDERS: Eight (8) in a V configuration. INDICATED HOURS: Hour meter at the salon helm reads starboard 256.8 port 256.7 HRS. THROTTLE CONTROLS: Micro-Commander Controls serial number Starboard ZB31659 Port ZB31636. Part no. 585CE FLAME ARRESTOR: Yes, USCG approved. ENGINE MOUNTS AND BED: The engine was secured with thur-bolted to aluminum cross bars. Appeared serviceable. DRIP PANS: None sighted. LUBRICATION: Level and Condition full and clean. VENTILATION: Natural air and bilge blowers. New flex natural air lines have been recently installed. BILGE BLOWERS: Two Atwood in-line 4 bilge blowers. EXHAUST SYSTEM: Wet Exhaust through the outdrive. ENGINE ALARMS: Low oil pressure alarm and coolant over heat warning audible at helm station. Appears serviceable. IGNITION PROTECTION: Yes. TRANSOM AND DRIVE SERIAL NUMBERS: Transom Serial Numbers starboard OL503622 Port OL503617 Drive Serial numbers starboard OL 199316 Port OL 199315. COOLING SYSTEM TYPE: I/O (no heat exchanger). HOSES AND CLAMPS: Re-inforced rubber hose double clamped and well routed and supported, where sighted. BEL TS AND PULLEYS: Belts condition like new. TRANSMISSIONS TYPE: Inboard/Outboard. MANUFACTURER: MerCruiser DRIVE TYPE: Stern Drive. CONTROLS: Mathers Micro Comanders FUEL SYSTEM MAIN ENGINE(S) FUEL SYSTEM FUEL TYPE: Gasoline. MATERIAL: 5052 Aluminum .125 gauge. NUMBER OF TANKS: Three (3) TANKS CAPACITY: Each tank is 95 gallons each, total of three tanks, capacity 285 gallons. SECURED: Yes. Aluminum framed shelf, mounted to the hull in engine compartment. Appears serviceable. LOCATION: All fuel tanks located forward of the engine next to the engine bulkhead. MANUFACTURING LABEL: RDS Manufacturer. FILL PIPE LOCATIONS: All three fills at the centerline of the aft deck. FILL PIPE GROUNDED: Appears to be properly grounded. FILL PIPE MATERIAL: Type A-2 1 1/2 USCG approved hose. Appears serviceable. FILL PIPE FITTINGS: Fill deck fitting clearly marked as to fuel type: Yes. HOSE CONNECTIONS, CLAMPS: Double clamped where sighted, grade USCG type A 1. Appears serviceable. FUEL LINES AND FITTINGS: Grade USCG. A 1. Appears serviceable where sighted. FUEL MANIFOLD VALVES: None sighted.. VENT LOCATION: Port and starboard. SHUT-OFF VALVE: Yes on tanks. ANTI-SIPHON VALVE: None Sighted. FUEL FIL TERS: Engine mounted Quick Silver water/separator type and one external from either tank. FUEL PUMP TO CARB HOSE: Yes, USCG TYPE A1 as required by CFR for gasoline vessel. FIL TER/FUEL CONDITION: Appears serviceable. IGNITION PROTECTION: Yes. ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS ELECTRICAL SYSTEM (D.C. SYSTEM) VOL TAGE: Lead acid battery powered 12 volt system. BATTERIES: Total of five (5) batteries: On starboard are three Interstate batteries consisting of a GP-24 Cranking and two (2) GP-29 Deep Cycle house batteries. On the port are two Interstate batteries GP-24 Cranking. BREAKERS/FUSES: All located at the main helm at the salon. Total of thirteen (13) rocker switches for the 12-volt system identified as follows: six (6) for lights, lake water pump, fresh water pump, slide pump, bridge supply, cockpit supply, accessory and stereo. TYPE CONNECTORS: Round Lugs: Captive type, where sighted. Condition: Appears serviceable. ROUTING/SUPPORT: Well supported and secured where sighted. CHARGING SYSTEM (BATTERY CHARGER): Two (2) battery chargers: one is a Guest 50 AMP and the second is a Guest 30 AMP. Both mounted side by side on the starboard. CHARGING SYSTEM (AL TERNATOR): Alternators on both gasoline engines. OUTLETS: 12 Volt outlet was sighted in the helm station and was of cigarette socket type. Appeared serviceable. ELECTRICAL SYSTEM (A.C. SYSTEM) SHORE POWER INLET: One (1) 50 AMP starboard at the bow. SHORE POWER: One (1 ) Vinyl 20 cord with Marinco adapters. AC SOURCE SELECTOR SWITCH: Switch type: Manual plastic slide type. Located in salon on main electric panel. MAIN BREAKER: Main breaker on starboard panel for the 50 AMP service. BRANCH BREAKERS: Number: Twenty-six (26) individually switched branch breakers. Location: Main A.C. panel, main salon and galley. Well marked. CIRCUIT LOAD MONITORS: Two circuit load monitors-- one is AC voltage and the other is AC AMPs. CONNECTIONS (TYPE): Captive lug type. Appears serviceable. WIRE TYPE (SIZE AND RATING): Size and rating, where sighted, appears serviceable. ROUTING: Well routed and supported where sighted. OUTLETS: Various A.C. outlets available throughout vessel, appear adequate and conveniently located. POLARITY: Checked: At A.C. outlets, polarity normal. GFI outlets in galley, heads, fore deck, and aft deck. Polarity tested normal at the outlets sighted. BILGE LIGHTING: Bilge is supplied with AC lighting fore and aft. Please submit any and ALL offers - your offer may be accepted! Submit your offer today! We encourage all buyers to schedule a survey for an independent analysis. Any offer to purchase is ALWAYS subject to satisfactory survey results. Take a look at ALL ***34 PICTURES*** of this vessel on our main website at POPYACHTS DOT COM.Contact us for a free report on this vessel. We pay upfront for a report on every vessel possible, and we provide this peace of mind to our buyers at no charge and with no commitment. All you have to do is ask! At POP Yachts, we will always provide you with a TRUE REPRESENTATION of every vessel we market. We are a full-service brokerage company, ready to assist you in purchasing any boat anywhere! Please allow us to be your eyes and ears on the ground and assist you with your next vessel purchase. Thank you for visiting and we look forward to speaking with you! - Stock #18618

GENERATORS AND INVERTERS TYPE: Generator driven by gasoline powered internal combustion engine. MANUFACTURER: Westerbeke Model 12.5 BTG generator serial number 32590 FUEL TYPE: Gasoline powered. KILOWATT RATING: 12.5 KW VOL TAGE RATING: 120/240 NUMBER OF CYLINDERS: Four (4) INDICATED HOURS: 3,093.0 Hrs LOCATION: Engine Compartment centerline. FLUID LEVELS: Full and clean. COOLING SYSTEM: Raw water pickup through hull with sea cock and a Greco Sea Strainer to the generator. Generator has a heat exchanger. FUEL SUPPL Y: Fuel System: Off main tank. FUEL FIL TER: Remote mounted Sierra fuel filter water separator spin on loff type. LUBRICATION SYSTEM: Engine mounted oil pump with spin onloff type filter. EXHAUST SYSTEM: Aqua Lift Silencer type FRP (fiber reinforced plastic). Exhaust to the starboard. FLAME ARRESTOR: Yes, USCG approved. ACCESSIBILITY: Good. WARNING LABELS: Yes, the required labels appeared to be in place and readable. IGNITION PROTECTION: Yes. FRESH WATER SYSTEM FRESH WATER SYSTEM: (POTABLE WATER) STORAGE TANKS: Two (2) storage tanks. CAPACITY: Approximately 80 gallons each, total capacity 160 gallons. ACCESS: Access to tanks and valves appears adequate. LOCATION: All tanks located forward centerline under the cabin sole. INSPECTION/CLEANING ACCESS: Yes, serviceable. MATERIAL: Tank material is plastic. FILL PIPE LOCATION: Starboard midship VENT PIPE LOCA TlON: Appears to be starboard topsides. PUMPS: A ShurFlo 12 volt demand diaphragm type water pump. Good condition. FILTERS: Yes, in line at pump. HOSES AND CLAMPS: Hoses and clamps all in good condition. DOCK SIDE PRESSURE REGULATOR: Pressure regulator yes at dock side hose connection starboard forward cockpit. LAKE WATER PUMP: Vessel is equipped with a Flo-Jet 12-volt for a lake water pick-up. The thru- hull is equipped with a Groco Sea Strainer, seacock and filter. Appears the water is used for water slide mounted on the aft starboard. FRESH WATER SYSTEM (HOT WATER SYSTEM) TYPE: 110 electric. Marine grade. MANUFACTURER: Speed-O-Matic CAPACITY: 17 gallons. PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE: Yes, copper pressure relief valve built into tank. IGNITION PROTECTION: UL Protected. SANITATION SANITATION (BLACK WATER) MANUFACTURER: Raritan, electric flush. NUMBER OF HEADS: Two (2) heads on vessel. LOCA TlON OF HEADS: Both heads are located on the starboard midship and aft. M.S.D TYPE USCG SYSTEM: Certification Type: MSD U.S.C.G. Type III. and holding tanks SANITATION (BLACK WATER) (Continued) RAW WATER SUPPL Y AND CLAMPS: Yes, appears serviceable where sighted. DISCHARGE HOSES AND CLAMPS: Discharge hoses and clamps all in good condition. PUMP-OUT LOCATION: Aft Deck to the starboard. It should be noted that this vessel has a separate hook-up for a fresh water flush of both sanitation tanks. VENT LOOP: Yes, appeared serviceable. SYSTEM INSTALLATION: Good. HOLDING TANK: Two holding tanks, one for each head. CAPACITIES: Tanks are approximately 80 gallons each, total capacity 160 gallons. LAKE WATER USE: Vessel uses lake water to flush the electric heads and the water is supplied with two thru-hulls SANITATION (GREY WATER) BASINS, SHOWERS, HOSES AND CLAMPS: The basins and showers on this vessel drain overboard. There is an underwater discharge for the grey water aft under the vessel. SUMP TANK LOCATION: None sighted. STEERING SYSTEM STEERING SYSTEM TYPE: Hydraulic Power Assist MANUFACTURER: Sea Star by Teleflex Corp. NUMBER OF STATIONS: Two (2) main deck helm station and flybridge. MODEL #: 125-BEMV Part No. HC328 LINES AND FITTINGS: Reinforced flexible hose, with metallic fittings. Appears serviceable. ACTUATOR CYLINDER: Appears serviceable. MOUNTING: Cylinder and ram actuator are well secured. RUDDER POSITION INDICATOR: Raritan Rudder Position Indicator at both helms. GROUND TACKLE GROUND TACKLE ANCHORS: Four (4) 40# Shore/Fast anchors located in the bow storage area. RODE MATERIAL: Sighted several marine grade beach lines of various lengths in the forward bow compartment. All 5/8 and approximately 50 to 75 in length. ELECTRONICS AND NAVIGATION EQUIPMENT ELECTRONICS AND NAVIGATION EQUIPMENT VHF: Apelco VHF DEPTH SOUNDER: Lowrance 3500 Model Depth indicator ANTENNAS: All antennas sighted appear to be well mounted and serviceable. HELM INSTRUMENTATION: Helm is to starboard with a 24 stainless steel Destroyer type wheel. Helm has complete instrumentation with two [2] Micro-Commander engine/throttle controls,RPM, oil pressure, temperature, volt meters, and three (3) fuel gauges. There are six (6) rocker switches for horn, nav lights and four (4) accessories. At the helm are two (2) key ignitions with Sea Star 1.7 Helm Teleflex steering, 12-volt outlet, Raritan rudder indicator and instrument dimmer. Also located at the helm is a Fireboy light indicator system, blower rocker switch and a monitor for the camera focused on the stern.
Sumerset 65

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